Z~TAGZ Specifications

The font used on the Z-TAGZ jewelry is block or similar to Arial.


Dime Comparison

The solid sterling silver Z~TAGZ used on our necklaces and bracelets are available in two sizes:

Large 5/8″ X 12 gauge (about the size of a dime).

Small 9/16″ X 12 gauge (slightly smaller than a dime).




Tag Thickness

Z~TAGZ are extra thick (12 Ga.) to allow for stamping on the front and back.

There is a slight difference between the Front and Back due to the process at the foundry. The Front edge has a bit of a bevel.





Small next to Large 2

The Name is typically on the Front however other things such as a pet’s name, etc. can also be used.

Note: The Small Z-TAG on the left will accommodate up to 8 characters (shown with 7 characters).  The Large Z-TAG on the right will accommodate up to 9 characters. Spaces are included in the character count. 




DOB small

The Date of Birth (DOB) is typically on the back however other things such as a pet’s name, etc. on the back can also be used. (DOB Format is 1.11.99 or 1.1.01 or 10.10.10)

Note: The Small Z-TAG will accommodate up to 8 characters including dots and spaces.  The Large Z-TAG will accommodate up to 9 characters including dots and spaces.



Additional Z~TAGZ can be purchased on the A’la Carte page.

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